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Esteno Communications

Esteno Chile maintains Data Centers in Santiago, Chile, and in Denver, Colorado, USA.

The operations in Santiago have internet connectivity through four SDSL links via optic fiber. These links go to our High-Availability pair of Cisco Routers, into separate Cisco switches and finally into a High-Availability pair of enterprise firewalls. The Cisco switches use VLANs to segment the network for users and services like Active Directory, FTP file servers, Aspera Servers, etc., for fast file transfer.

Our Data Center in Denver hosts our website, an FTP server, a proprietary scheduling and file-management software, IP Asterisk telephone servers for calls from or to the USA and Chile (using a Denver area code), remote Tactical modem service from which Esteno can connect via modem anywhere in the USA, and an email server for communications with clients.

In order to be totally redundant, we have our own Autonomous System (AS) number to integrate our various ISP's that into a single IP network allowing a completely transparent failover in case of an ISP outage.

Connection between Esteno Chile and TV Stations

Esteno Chile relies on the highest level of communications systems, using multiple internet connections, routes and providers. Enterprise firewalls manage our internet connections, Fast Ethernet Switches and Gigabit Ethernet, which, through the firewall, distributes connectivity as required. Our current service providers include Aspera Systems for quick video transfer.

The work stations operate with Windows XP SP3, giving stability and flexibility. We use various software such as "Caption Maker" and "Case CATalyst BCS" to create and send the text via the internet using software such as EEG's "iCap" and Tactical's "Dial-Out".

There are more than 75 analog phone lines distributed among the work stations, each station having a minimum of two lines, one to connect to an analog modem and the other for phone calls. International communications, specifically to the USA, use five T-1 connections through our servers in Denver, Colorado, providing 115 analog lines for sending text as well as receiving audio.

Esteno Chile's automatic power back-up consists of UPS energy systems and electric generators which maintain Closed Captioning operations during any interruption.


"Having our own AS number means we're not dependant on any single carrier for our communctions netwoks."
Nicolas Acevedo, Esteno Network Engineer